Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing

EA has been testing security controls for our customers since our inception. As the threats and evolve, so do we. EA consultants are constantly researching the latest methods of attacks and fine tuning our skills. We also understand that penetration testing is not just about "getting root" on your systems. We figure out what information is important to your business and then develop a plan of attack to target what matters most. Findings and recommendations are then related to real business processes and policies which have a direct impact on your overall security.

External Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test

EA can assess your external, or “Internet facing“ infrastructure to find flaws in firewall policies or exposed services. This includes pre-authenticated testing of exposed web sites as well. EA's consultants review and verify each finding to ensure that no false positives are contained within the report deliverable. Results are then prioritized based on business risk and with recommendations for resolution are provided.

Internal Vulnerabiltiy Assessment and Penetration Test

With the widespread adoption of remote workforces, wireless networks, and VPN deployments, the tradtional definition of the “internal network” has changed. Modern business networks are often “Hard and Crunchy” on the outside but “soft and squishy“ on the inside. The reality of the internal threat, however is real. This could be a disgruntled employee, or an unknown entitiy who has managed to gain unauthorized access through your VPN or wirless network.

The internal penetration test is designed to find out exactly what an unauthorized entity could gain access to, should they be able to penetrate your internal network. EA will work with your to understand what is important to your business and target areas that present the greatest risk, while causing minimal disruption to your environment.

EA consultants have the “security mindset” and are expert at finding vulnerabilities in your applications, systems and networks that are often overlooked by other assessors. We provide expert assessment of your External and/or Internal systems to help you find and fix problems before the bad guys do.