Incident Response

Do you know, or suspect that your company’s security has been breached? These days, hackers are motivated by profit or politics, more than glory. Thus it’s unlikely that a breach will result in overt symptoms like defacement of your company’s website.

It’s far more likely that the breach will result in the installation of a persistent agent which will use covert channels to allow the attacker to maintain a continuous malicious presence in your network.

EA consultants are experienced in performing forensically sound post-incident analysis and investigations. We can help your company determine the extent of the breach, contain the incident, and get your operations back up and running as quickly as possible.

Whether the attack was perpetrated by anonymous malicious Internet users, or trusted insiders, EA can help you recover, and ensure that the situation is handled discreetly and professionally.

We have relationships with various law enforcement agencies and legal teams experienced in cyber crime that we can leverage to ensure that guilty parties are brought to justice and that your company complies with appropriate breach notification requirements.