Compliance Consulting

The advent of PCI-DSS has imposed stringent regulatory requirements even for small, privately held businesses. EA can help your company implement the security controls and document the processes required by the specification, without breaking the bank.

EA also has experience providing compliance consulting for US Federal Government Agencies. Our consultants understand the intricacies of the many NIST guidelines and special publications. We can help you develop a compliance program that will make continuous monitoring as well as certification and accreditation cost effective and effective. EA has experience dealing with auditors from the Office of Inspector General, and can help your agency prepare for their annual audits. Proper preparation can make the potentially harrowing prospect of an OIG audit an efficient and amicable experience.

Our consultants have also delivered compliance consulting for customers in the healthcare and financial services industries, and are familiar with ISO-27001 and other industry specific compliance requirements.

Our overall methodology for dealing with compliance matters is to "be secure, and compliance will come naturally". Compliance does not equal security, but being secure usually means you are compliant.