Our Company

Electric Alchemy Limited is a boutique security consultancy headquartered in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Denver, Colorado USA.

EA was founded in 2003 by David Campbell. Prior to forming EA, Campbell was a leading security consultant for Accenture, where he provided security expertise for high profile clients in a variety of industries all over the world.

EA strives to provide high value consulting, bringing to the table the following aspects of “Big 5” consulting:

  • Business-aligned security solutions: we understand that security is a tradeoff between assurance, usability and cost. Our consultants make pragmatic recommendations to help your company mitigate risks while balancing usability and cost concerns
  • Structured methodologies: we follow a tried and tested approach on each engagement, ensuring consistently high quality results
  • Professional polish: our leadership team is comfortable from the data center to the board room

However, what separates us from the “Big 5” is that we have low overhead. We have only a single dedicated office in Denver, Colorado, and our consultants are established experts in their fields. Thus we can provide excellent security consulting and information assurance services to you at a fraction of the cost of the “Big 5”.

Our main business is providing comprehensive security assurance to clients. We have no products of our own to peddle. Our strategic partnerships with key vendors in the security hardware, software and services arenas have been carefully chosen. We only recommend solutions that we believe in.

Our practice has embraced the rapidly evolving area of application security, and EA is considered a leader in the rapidly emerging field of smartphone and mobile application security. We have also established a reputation as leaders in the field of "full scope" assessment, modifying our methodology to closely match the "advanced persistent threats" seen in modern targeted attacks.